Building information infrastructure for a niche market


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Establishing a presence as a foreign B2B startup is the first online marketplace for freight forwarders to search, compare and book air cargo space in real time. Founded in Berlin in 2017, the company has raised over $65M in funding to date and has been expanding its digital product across Europe and North America.

Starting with Japan, the next objective was to launch their services to freight forwarders in Asia (the largest air freight market in the world). With a B2B business model, needed to make their presence known to the niche demographic of Japanese freight forwarders. To do this, Y+L Projects led a marketing and PR campaign for this company’s launch and expansion into Japan.


cargo.oneの次なる目標は、日本を皮切りにアジア(世界最大の航空貨物市場)のフォワーダー向けのサービス開始でした。B2Bのビジネスモデルを有するcargo.oneは、自社の存在を日本のフォワーダー向けのニッチなマーケットに知らせる必要がありました。この実現に向けて、Y+L Projectsがcargo.oneの日本での立ち上げと拡大のためのマーケティングおよびPRキャンペーンを主導しました。


Building information infrastructure for a niche market

Y+L Projects considered the two key challenges; is a foreign startup without any prior presence in Japan, and it also has a B2B business model that targets an ultra-specified market (freight forwarders). With this in mind, Y+L build a communication strategy that would connect the brand with media channels often used by freight forwarders, including those in air cargo, logistics, and aviation business.

The campaign, which included the need for significant media coverage, would allow potential customers to search for and understand more about through trusted third-party media, and in turn help establish’s online presence and reputation in Japan’s market.

Y+L worked with the global team to localize their website and company introductory content (through translation, copywriting and animation), and created a press kit and press release; both for the launch and ensuing partnerships announcement. Keeping in line with our strategy, our outreach to specific media channels was direct and extensive.


cargo.oneのグローバルチームとの協力によって、ウェブサイトと会社紹介コンテンツをローカライズし(翻訳、コピーライティング、アニメーションによる)、サービスのローンチとローンチ後のパートナーシップ締結発表用のプレスキットとプレスリリースを作成しました。Y+L Projectsが策定する戦略に沿って、特定のメディアへのアウトリーチは直接的かつ広範に行われました。


Powerful and targeted launch in Japan

By focusing our communication efforts and building an information infrastructure,’s launch and partnerships have been mentioned in over 30 published articles and counting across air cargo, aviation business, startup, and mainstream media in Japan. These publications include Japan Maritime Daily, Daily Cargo, Nikkei Newspaper, and The Japan Times.

With bookings underway for Japanese freight forwarders, Y+L Projects has been a critical part of’s powerful launch in Japan.

コミュニケーションへの取り組みと情報インフラの構築に注力することで、cargo.oneのローンチとパートナーシップについて30以上の記事で取り上げられ、記事を掲載する業界も航空貨物業界、航空ビジネス業界、スタートアップ業界と多岐に渡り、日本の主要メディアにも注目されました。その一部として、日本海事新聞、Daily Cargo、日本経済新聞、The Japan Timesといった大手メディアも含まれています。

現在も国内のフォワーダーからの予約が順調に増え続けており、cargo.oneの日本でのインパクトのあるローンチにおいてY+L Projectsが重要な役割を果たしてきました。

Powerful and targeted launch in Japan

Japan localized website, video, photography


Account director / Project lead: Lucy Dayman
Planner: Emma Araki
Copywriting & Translation: Midori Nakajima
Photography: Matt Vachon
Animator: Lee Jing Wei



1941: The year of the first-ever TV commercial.
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