CLASSICS the Small Luxury ‘More than a handkerchief’ Brand movie


Concept creation
Creative direction
Art direction
Video production


CLASSICS the Small Luxury is a boutique handkerchief label born in 2003 from Blooming Nakanishi (founded in 1879), one of Japan’s leading handkerchief manufacturers. The label was created to communicate to the public that a handkerchief is far more than just a beautiful piece of fabric. It’s a gift to commemorate a milestone, a small souvenir from an unforgettable trip, a symbol of love and commitment; buying a handkerchief is an action deeply embedded in human experience.

The company wanted to move forward with its brand presence, especially in the online realm. They contacted Y+L Projects to help build content that shares the band story and message and a strategy to getting the content out there.

Y+L Projects pitched and later produced, shot, edited, and delivered a brand video showcasing the company’s shokunin (craftsperson) roots. The video, which would be accompanied by a series of studio and on-location still images, was directed and shot to convey the company’s key foundational elements of careful manufacturing, craftsmanship, brand legacy, in-store experience, and also showcase just how new designs get made. The video was shot in CLASSICS’ main locations across Japan, including Kobe, Yokohama, Nihonbashi (Tokyo), and Fukushima.

We also created key copy and graphics for CLASSICS’ Instagram page and a carefully curated strategy for effective publishing. Finally, we created an English version of the company’s brand message in a clear, powerful, and thoughtful way.

日本を代表するハンカチメーカー・ブルーミング中西の、世界で初めてのハンカチーフ専門店「CLASSICS the Small Luxury」。

Y+L Projects は、ハンカチへの想いがつまったブランドストーリーとコンテンツ制作を通して、商品を世に送り出すためのデジタル戦略をサポートしました。撮影場所は神戸、横浜、東京(日本橋)、福島など、CLASSICSの国内主要拠点。CLASSICS the Small Luxury がブランドストアを構える、東京の日本橋人形町からスタートし、日本の伝統技術を受け継ぐ職人、糸が美しく染色される兵庫県の工場、技術力の高い福島のプリント工場、文化と技術が紡ぎ合いながら、ライフスタイルに溶け込んでいくという一本のストーリとして構成されています。映像では、デザインがどのように生み出されるかを紹介するため、ブランドの歴史や職人の技術、店舗での体験などを伝えています。


Showing that ‘luxury’ doesn’t mean ‘flashy’

Embracing Japan’s shokunin culture

CLASSICS the Small Luxury is a company built around the key purpose of helping people commemorate events and express their emotions in the physical realm. The company sources the finest threads from around the globe and utilizes the nation’s finest crafts people’s skills and experiences to weave together something more than just a daily item, a small but not insignificant everyday luxury. 「CLASSICS the Small Luxury」は、世界中から選りすぐりの素材を調達し、国内の優れた職人の技術と経験を活かし、単なる日常品以上の、小さな贅沢品を作り上げています。


Producer: Yoichiro Tamada
Strategy: Yoichiro Tamada, Patryckyuto Satohshimizu
Brand communication: Yoichiro Tamada
Creative direction: Yoichiro Tamada
Art direction: Hiroki Shindo (SOPHIE.STUDIO)
Photography: Mikisuke Umeda (freelance)
Video production: Yuya Harada (DIN FILMS), Patryckyuto Satohshimizu
Copywriting: Lucy Dayman
Social media management: Yoichiro Tamada



1941: The year of the first-ever TV commercial.
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