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Founded in 2004 by expert designer Miki Saito, utide is a luxury interior design studio based in Tokyo. The company creates luxurious yet liveable residences in Japan. They proudly believe that each project has a story to tell, and that story is told through artful design and carefully curated approaches. Miki and her team collaborate with architects, decorators, lighting designers, and landscape designers to create timeless bespoke homes that should not merge into the uniformity or pander to trends.

The company reached out to Y+L Projects because they were looking for a redesign of the webpage. Y+L Projects, in close collaboration with utide conceptualized, designed, and built a fully functioning website, giving the company and completely fresh face. We crafted the website to embrace a spacious design that lets the homes’ beauty and interior breathe and allows the website to grow with future projects.

We also produced a series of new additional images of utide’s homes, took drone video footage and a dynamic snapshot of the company’s work, and assisted with brand storytelling and copywriting.


Y+L Projectsは、utideの考え方をコンセプト化し、ウェブサイトのリニューアルを図りました。住宅の美しさを感じさせるデザインとし、プロジェクトが増えるたび、ウェブサイトも成長していくイメージで構築しました。ドローンによる映像作品と、これまで手がけられた住宅のダイナミックなスナップショットを撮影、ブランドのストーリーテリング設計からウェブサイトのリニューアルを行いました。

Beautiful photos to showcase beautiful homes

A physical service needs a digital presence

In today’s interior design world, it’s crucial to have a strong, clear, and visually appealing online presence that represents the company and what they do. デジタルコンテンツに誰でもアクセスできるようになった時代。企業の活動を、デジタルの世界で ”ブランドらしさ” を出しながら顧客に魅力的に伝える。


Producer: Yoichiro Tamada
Creative direction: Hiroki Shindo (SOPHIE.STUDIO)
Art direction: Hiroki Shindo (SOPHIE.STUDIO)
Website design: Hiroki Shindo (SOPHIE.STUDIO)
Website development: Masatsugu Kondo (SOPHIE.STUDIO)
Photography: Alex Abian
Copywriting: Lucy Dayman



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