ALBION ‘Embrace the Power of Botanicals’


Brand messaging


Since its foundation in 1956, the iconic Japanese beauty brand ALBION has garnered a reputation for being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium cosmetics. In 2020, ALBION was on the hunt for a new tagline to best promote their skin conditioner range SkiCon to the English-speaking Asian market (Hong Kong/ Singapore). Albion’s SkiCon is a long-selling lotion that has been loved by loyal users with all types of skin since 1974.

ALBION’s new tagline had to not only sound more native in English than their previous one, but it also had to appeal to a new younger generation of potential international Albion customers. The message had to be clear, concise, eye-catching, and promote the spirit of naturality.
日本を代表するコスメブランド 「アルビオン」 は、1956年の創業以来、世界有数の高級化粧品メーカーとして高い評価を得ています。2020年のはじめ、アルビオンは海外マーケット向けに「薬用スキンコンディショナーエッセンシャル」*(以下、スキコン)のプロモーション用のタグラインを検討していました。


In collaboration with fellow Tokyo agency Jet Set Go, Y+L Projects carefully crafted a range of taglines capturing the brand’s essence and its SkinCon range. The tagline embodied ALBION’s new SkiCon branding focus, which was about promoting SkiCon’s ability to harness the power of botanicals to revive and refresh the skin. Y+L Projectsは、グローバルイノベーションエージェンシーである株式会社Jet Set Goと協力し、スキコンシリーズの本質を捉え、様々なプラットフォームに展開できるタグラインを作り上げました。


The outcome was a package of catchy introduction copy and tagline options that could be used for a range of promotional purposes across the band’s English language platforms, including online, social media, online, physical media, and the product packaging. The chosen tagline was also used on the homepage of Albion’s Singapore site for an entire year. 制作したタグラインは、グローバルサイト、SNS、パッケージ、プロモーションにて、幅広く使用されています。

Crafting statements that embody the brand

Focussed, key messaging is integral to communicating. A brand’s audience across platforms and nationalities. コミュニケーションに欠かせないメッセージ。様々なプラットフォームで多種多様な人々に向けて発信しました。


Producer: Miki Kuretani (Jet Set Go)
Brand messaging: Lucy Dayman
Consultancy: Lucy Dayman
Copywriting: Lucy Dayman



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