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Monocle is an influential global affairs and lifestyle magazine that releases monthly issues diving deep into all things life, culture, art, food and more.

Y+L Projects was commissioned by the magazine’s Culture Editor to assist with research and writing for their Dec 19/ Jan 20 issue which focussed on all things Japan. With the world’s attention set to be fixated on Japan for the upcoming Olympic year, this issue dove deep into Japan in the modern age, traditional Japanese culture, and explored the quirks that make this nation what it is.

Y+L Projects provided in-depth background research and writing for three of the magazine’s columns which included stories on Japan’s unique mascot history and the upcoming book, TV, and theatre releases to expect and explore in 2020. The issue hit shelves in November 2019, but you might still be able to find it somewhere out in the universe, just look for the friendly face of Kumamon gracing the front cover.
手にしたときの重み、ページに触れたときの紙の質感、洗練された写真と文字の配列。『MONOCLE Magazine』は、その1冊からまるごとの知性が感じられる。
イギリスを拠点とする出版社モノクルは、『MONOCLE Magazine』を通し、暮らし、文化、芸術、食べものなど、ライフスタイルにまつわるあらゆる質の高い情報を世界に発信しています。

Y+L Projectsは2020年12月号の特集「日本の文化」における調査と執筆を担当しました。

The faces of the nation

We conducted deep research into the Japan’s love of mascots, then crafted fun, informative and enlightening articles. 日本のマスコット文化についての調査と、海外への発信。


Writing: Lucy Dayman
Research: Yoichiro Tamada



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