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Lensee is an online network platform where travellers can connect with local photographers across the globe. The project, which Lensee inc launched on August, 2019, is an initiative that focuses on key cities in developing countries, where children are provided with cameras to develop the skills to become a photographer.

The first city where this project was to be implemented was Bangkok, Thailand. A city renowned for its warm welcoming people, and its iconic landmarks and attractions that draw tourists from all around the world. In a city where the gap between rich and poor is large, there are many children left without the opportunity for a sufficient education.

With this project, the company will cooperate with Sanaebanglumphu, which is a place where school children in Bangkok gather. Cameras will be provided to children where they will be given lectures on how to shoot. By using the service school children would be rewarded with incentives provided by the tourists who use the Lensee service. Y+L Projects crafted a video in promotion of this campaign.


LENSEEが提供するサービスを使うことで、実際に観光客からの報酬を受け取る仕組みを構築しました。LENSEEはこのプロジェクトを通して、子どもたちの中に秘めたクリエイティビティを発揮してもらい、一枚の写真がその子の人生を変えるかもしれない "チャンス" を提供できることを目指しています。

Y+L Projectsは、LENSEEと協力し、Olympusに対して本企画の立案、映像の撮影、提供を実施しました。この映像は、web広告、SNSなどで公開されています。

Artful photography, video production, and storytelling

The video was designed to inspire, educate and showcase the beauty of Thailand and its people to the rest of the world. 映像は世界中の人々に影響を与え、タイの美しさを描写した。

Photos by locals

By using the Lensee service, users are not only gifted with stunning photos, but also gifted with access to a local’s side of the city. Lenseeを使うことにより、写真のみのサービス提供だけでなく、ローカル写真家と繋がることによりホスピタリティーを提供。

Learning new skills

The power of learning something new, and sharing it with the world was the motivating message of this campaign. 本キャンペーンの目的は、新しいことを学べる機会の構築、それを世界に発信できること。

A snapshot into a different life


Strategy: Yuichi Saito (Departure inc.)
Producer: Yuichi Saito (Departure inc.)
Creative direction: Yoichiro Tamada
Art direction: Lilliana Rose Lyons
Video production: Lilliana Rose Lyons, Nora Ballard (Freelance), Patryckyuto Satohshimizu
Copywriting: Lucy Dayman
Social media management: Yoichiro Tamada



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