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JFOODO (Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center) is part of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). Established by the Japanese government in 2017, its primary objective is to facilitate the export of Japanese agricultural, forestry, fishery, and food products.

The organization came to YL Projects to create content and develop a strategy for their Instagram account and a trailer video for UMAMI MATCH, a video series of LA-based chefs making creative umami dishes.

YL Projectsは、JFOODOが運営するインスタグラムアカウントの戦略・コンテンツ制作・運営、そしてLAを拠点とするシェフによる旨味料理を紹介するUMAMI MATCHというビデオシリーズの予告映像の制作を依頼いただきました。


How do you promote a flavor?

JFOODO aimed to increase the sales of its export products by emphasizing the flavorful and healthy aspects of Japanese cuisine. The objective was to educate the US and Singapore markets through social media content and strategy, educating people on Japanese fermented seasonings such as soy sauce, miso, mirin, rice vinegar, and the concept of ‘umami.’

The project didn’t have a specific product, location, or individual to promote. Instead, the goal was to promote the Japanese culinary experience as a whole.

今回JFOODOは、 輸出品プロモーションにおいて、 日本料理の「うま味」 と 「健康」 に焦点を当てました。このプロジェクトでは、米国とシンガポールの市場において、日本産食材と日本の発酵調味料の組み合わせによって生まれる共通の価値である「うま味」「ヘルシー」を積極的に発信し、日本食のイメージ向上を図りました。

このプロジェクトは、特定の製品を宣伝するのではなく、むしろ 「日本の食」を海外にプロモーションするという大きな挑戦でした。


We first spoke with chefs and food experts in the US and Japan and noticed a difference in their understanding and perceptions of fermentation. In the US, fermentation is often seen as new and innovative, with a growing interest in probiotics and unique flavors. In Japan, fermentation is deeply rooted in daily life, characterized by traditional techniques and artisanal craftsmanship.

Recognizing these cultural distinctions, we built a communication strategy to position the Instagram account as a learning platform for discovering all things umami.

We named the account @unlock_umami, and created infographics detailing the four fermented seasonings. Collaborating with a Japanese fermentation recipe specialist, we developed and produced a recipe video series showcasing international dishes enhanced by Japanese fermented seasonings. The goal was to educate, spark curiosity, and engage new audiences.

As part of the campaign to “localize” umami, JFOODO collaborated with three LA-based chefs for UMAMI MATCH, a video series showcasing a culinary umami showdown. YL produced the trailer and collaborated with influencers globally.



UMAMI MATCHでは、「うま味」をさらに広めるキャンペーンとして、JFOODOは3名のロサンゼルスを拠点とするシェフと協力し、料理対決を行うシリーズを企画しました。YLはその予告編の制作を担当し、SNSコンテンツの調整を進めるために、インフルエンサーたちと連携しました。


The @unlock_umami Instagram account reached 1.9 million users, and the videos accumulated 2.8 million views in less than a month. The UMAMI MATCH trailer garnered over 760K impressions, contributing to a deeper understanding and promotion of Japanese cuisine and food products. インスタグラムアカウントは、3ヶ月のプロジェクト期間中に190万人のユーザーに到達し、投稿した動画は合計280万再生回数を獲得しました。UMAMI MATCHの予告編は78万回以上のインプレッションを獲得し、日本の料理と食品の理解とプロモーションに貢献しました。

Sneak peek into an epic culinary showdown

We produced a trailer for a food cooking competition video series highlighting inventive umami dishes created by three LA-based chefs. ロサンゼルスを拠点とする3人のシェフが創造したうま味料理を特集した、料理コンペティション番組のトレイラーを制作しました。

Infographics that pay homage to Japanese aesthetics

Refining essential points, we created accessible infographics outlining four fermented seasonings and umami-rich ingredients. 4つの発酵調味料とうま味豊かな食材を示した、海外オーディエンスにもわかりやすいインフォグラフィックスを制作しました。

Collaboration with a Japanese fermentation recipe specialist

We curated and produced a recipe video series featuring international dishes elevated by Japanese fermented seasonings, designed to be easily saved for viewers' convenience. 日本の発酵調味料を活用した国際料理のレシピ動画シリーズをフードスペシャリストと開発。発行調味料を使用し、うま味を引き出した料理を作り出しました。


Producer: Yoichiro Tamada
Production producer: Nathalie Cantacuzino
Communication strategist, project manager: Juri Ito
Art direction, graphic designer: Haruka Kojima
Video direction, editing: Kazumi Watanabe
Video producer, assistant camera: Patryckyuto Satohshimizu
Photography: Nathalie Cantacuzino



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