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YA-MAN is a specialist in manufacturing beauty devices, leading the industry for over 40 years. Today, the company thrives globally as a group of innovative prestige beauty brands with devoted fan bases. In November 2023, they opened their first flagship store in Ginza, Tokyo.

YL Projects was tasked with creating a promotional video showcasing this newly opened flagship store.
YA-MANは、美容機器の製造分野で40年以上にわたり、日本を代表する企業として業界を牽引してきました。テクノロジーとイノベーションをいち早く取り入れ、今日ではグローバルにファンを持つビューティブランドとしての地位を確立しています。そんなYA-MANは2023年11月に初の旗艦店「YA-MAN the store GINZA」を銀座にオープンしました。YLはこの新しい旗艦店のプロモーションビデオの制作を担当しました。


The power to radiate beauty lies in every person

With the power of light, YA-MAN enhances the beauty of each user, unleashing their inner radiance.
Their first flagship store ever deepens and changes the physical experience of YA-MAN.

Until now, YA-MAN has had a presence in department stores, but this marks the first opening of a flagship store directly operated by the company. While collaborating with the interior design office I IN, the team responsible for the interior, they developed the design concept. The most prominent feature in the shop is a special LED light wall, incorporating technology also found in their beauty devices that use light to enhance beauty.

The interior design was developed with deep consideration of the product; for example, the light of the space radiates, an homage to the lighting from the products. We wanted to capture this design element in a clear but artful way.

The color of the store’s light changes based on its functional purpose, and 5148 LEDs, operating at the same frequency as those used in the actual products, are integrated. Through specially processed glass resembling human skin cells, the point light source diffuses in multiple directions, deeply permeating among the observers.
The power to radiate beauty lies in every person



YA-MANはこれまで数多くの百貨店に店舗を構えてきましたが、直営の旗艦店のオープンは今回が初めてでした。映像のコンセプトは、店内インテリアを担当したインテリアデザインオフィスI INとの協力のもと練り上げました。YA-MANの美容機器にも使用され、店舗の中で最も際立つ部分であるLEDライトのディスプレイには、美しさを引き出すための光のテクノロジーが組み込まれています。店舗の照明の色は、実際の製品で使用されているものと同じ周波数で動作する5148個のLEDが統合されていて、訪れた人をディスプレイから放たれる光で包み込みます。。光の色は肌に与えたい効果によって変化し、人の皮膚細胞を模したガラスを通じて、点光源は人の肌に深く浸透していきます。


Elevating the product to an unparalleled level of sophistication through a luxurious and immersive spatial experience

With the guiding brand core of “Technology,” “Luxury,” and “Global” at the forefront, our process began with a thorough analysis of the space, guided by I IN, where we were able to extract inspiration and distinctive features. We aimed to convey a unique, rounded design language, mirroring both the essence of YA-MAN’s products and the immersive ambiance of the space.

We captured the radiance emitted by beauty devices and the LED light installations within the store, combining them to articulate an abstract sensation of brilliance and advanced technology. Finally, we brought along composer Marty Hicks who created atmospheric music fitting of the futuristic interior and narrative. The result is a visual narrative that not only heightens the distinctive design but also weaves together the emotional feel of the brand.



私たちは、店内で放射される美容機器とLEDライトの輝きを捉え、それらを組み合わせて、輝きと先端技術のアブストラクトな感覚を表現。また音楽は、アンビエント音楽の制作に優れ、ジャズライブから電子音楽の制作まで幅広く活動するMarty Hicksに依頼しました。映像と音を通して、ブランドの感情的な雰囲気や没入感を感じることができる視覚的な映像が完成しました。


By sharing this video across the brand’s website, YouTube, and various social media channels, we helped to enhance the brand equity of YA-MAN and aided in promoting the flagship store. 制作された映像は、YA-MAN the store GINZAの公式ページのメインクリエイティブとして活用され、YouTubeや公式SNSでも公開されました。映像はSNS上でも拡散され、YA-MANのブランドエクイティ向上と旗艦店のプロモーションに大いに寄与しました。

The power to radiate beauty lies in every person

Since 1978, YAMAN have applied their technology to recreate the authentic salon experience at home, with exceptional quality that has been recognized both within Japan and worldwide. 1978年以来、YA-MANは美容テクノロジーを活用して、日本国内および世界中で認められている本格的なサロン体験を家庭で再現しています。

Video production and direction


Creative producer, director: Yoichiro Tamada (YL Projects)
Production producer: Nathalie Cantacuzino (YL Projects)
Director, DOP, editor: DIN FILMS
Camera assistant: Suyoru
Lighting director: Mikisuke Umeda
Lighting assistant: Chen Lin
Music composer: Marty Hicks
Makeup: Ikeda Naho
Model: Akane Kunio (NUMBER EIGHT)



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