Lost in Japan – Kumano × Tokyo Lost in Japan


Brand storytelling


In late 2020, Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau (TCVB) was looking to promote a new tourism route for those visiting Tokyo. Rather than promote what’s known in the tourism industry as Japan’s ‘golden route’ (Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka), the TCVB wanted to inspire travellers to explore more remote and unique destinations in conjunction with their visits to Tokyo. This time the two focus locations were Tokyo and Wakayama’s Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage trail. In light of the effects covid has had on travel, it was important that the video also encourage safe, slow, thoughtful and experiential travel, areas of focus for the contemporary climate.

The video had to both showcase the nation’s two very unique and equally enthralling sides looking at the cultural diversity, rich history, and fascinating contrast between the modern streets of Tokyo and the time worn, spiritual-centric Kumano Kodo. The video would be shared via TCVB and on JAL (Japan Airlines) platforms.

Y+L Projects was asked by Wondertrunk & Co., the video’s producer to join the project and craft narration for both versions of the video. The narration had to reflect the video’s message and match the pace, ethos and ideologies of which the video was trying to convey. Y+L Projects also provided ongoing consultation with the production team to ensure that the video would showcase points that would be of interest to the international travelling market.

Y+L Projectsは、ビデオのプロデューサーであるWondertrunk&Co.からプロジェクトへの参加とナレーションの作成を依頼されました。歴史と信仰が息づく熊野古道と、近代的な東京の街並み。映像では、豊かな歴史と文化の多様性、2つの側面を魅力的に紹介しています。ナレーションにはメッセージ性を盛り込み、また、制作チームと継続的な協議を行うことで、国際旅行市場にとって関心の高いポイントを紹介しました。

Capturing Kumano Kodo’s power on film

Imagine a destination rich with spirituality and adventure. From Tokyo’s beating metropolitan heart to the historical and spiritual trails of Kumano Kodo pilgrimage route, prepare to take a journey through a land where the past and future collide. The key to discovery is getting lost. With curiosity as your compass, get ready to give yourself to the journey, and return changed. Kumano X Tokyo. 熊野古道と東京、過去と未来が交差する旅冒険とスピリチュアリティに富んだ旅を。 好奇心を頼りに、旅に身を委ねましょう。そして、新しい発見をして帰ろう。「熊野×東京」


Producer: Wondertrunk & Co.
Consulting: Lucy Dayman
Copywriting: Lucy Dayman
Video production: Hatch



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