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Hikaru is one of Japan’s most iconic Youtubers, with a staggering 4.3 million+ subscribers to his channel. In late 2020 he launched a brand new project, men’s-centric hair removal and beauty studio brand titled ‘ReJehanne.’

The company that currently has salons in two Tokyo locations (Ginza and Ikebukuro) and Osaka needed an impactful video to launch its message, visuals and capture the growing audience of beauty-conscious men.

Right now, many of the men-centric beauty salons in Japan feel stale. They suffer from poor branding, weak design, and dated imagery. ReJehanne launched as an antidote to the current state of the industry and asked Y+L Projects to help with the visual messaging of the brand’s ethos.

Y+L Projects designed, produced, and directed an impactful video, one that borrowed from high-end fashion campaigns and embodied Hikaru’s intention of ‘disrupting’ Japan’s beauty industry. The video was designed to fit a number of formats (Youtube, online ads, traditional advertising), and was shared across platforms.
チャンネル登録者数430万人を超えるカリスマYouTuberヒカルがプロデュースするメンズ脱毛サロン「ReJehanne(リジャンヌ) by Hikaru」。

現在、東京 (池袋・銀座) と大阪の3カ所にサロンを展開している株式会社ヒカルエンタープライズは、ReJehanneのプロモーションとして、ブランドメッセージが込められたインパクトのある映像を必要としていました。

Y+L Projectsは、脱毛業界の現状を打開する “Disrupt” 的な存在になってもらいたいと、映像のディレクションを行いました。

Disrupting the status-quo

Behind the scenes


Creative direction: Yoichiro Tamada
Producer: Patryckyuto Satoushimizu
Video production: Taisei Iwamoto, Itsuki Okamaoto
Edit: Taisei Iwamoto
Lighting: Kentaro Hirabayashi



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