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Brand communication
Creative direction
Art direction
Package design
Website design
Product photography
Video production
Social media management


In 2019, Priyanka Yoshikawa (Miss World Japan 2016) came to Y+L Projects with the idea of creating an inclusive, diversity focussed CBD based wellness and skincare line for the Japanese market.
With the production side of the business kicking off, Priyanka needed a marketing and communications agency that would help her grow her brand from infancy. The company wanted to “become the go-to name in hemp-based beauty and wellness solutions for all body types.”
CBD(麻から抽出される成分)がベースとなったスキンケアブランドを日本市場向けに構築したいという吉川氏の想いを具現化するため、Y+L Projectsはプロジェクトの立ち上げから参画しました。


Working closely with Priyanka and her team, Y+L Projects joined the project on the ground level, assisting with market research, cosmetic association approval, pre-planning, communications strategies, design, and building a creative team that could bring this brand to life.

Y+L Projects and their design team created the brand name, MUKOOMI, a portmanteau of the Japanese words ‘mukou’ (向こう) - beyond and ‘miru’ (見る) - to see, it was designed to represent the message and ethos of the brand as a whole. Next was branding, logo creation, package design, and visual guidelines.

Before the brand’s launch, Y+L Projects also created photo and video content that would reflect the MUKOOMI core message and capture the attention of potential new customers.

Brand mission, vision, and values were also crafted - in both Japanese and English - in close cooperation with the MUKOOMI team before the website launch. Y+L Projects also designed, developed, and built the easy to use e-commerce platform and website.

Following the debut launch of MUKOOMI, Y+L Projects worked in collaboration with the brand to run PR outreach, produce new content, and regular informative blog posts, and a monthly round-up newsletter.


The launch of the brand in May 2020 was incredibly successful, with the first day’s sales totaling over 100,000 yen, an excellent effort for an e-commerce brand that has only been promoted organically (no paid advertising).
MUKOOMI has received feature press coverage in many domestic media outlets, including Tokyo Weekender, Japan Today, Savvy Tokyo, My Lohas, Metropolis Magazine, and international outlets like Hypebae. The brand remains Japan’s only CBD company with a clear focus on diversity, self-acceptance, and transparency.
2020年5月にブランドがスタートしてから『Tokyo Weekender』『Japan Today』『Savvy Tokyo』『MYLOHAS』『Metropolis Magazine』『HYPEBAE』など多くのメディアで取り上げられ、国内のCBDブランドとして素晴らしい成果を収めています。

Challenging the expectations and ideologies of Japan’s beauty industry

Telling stories through beautiful photography

Capturing the attention of the media

MUKOOMI has received feature press coverage in many domestic media outlets, including Tokyo Weekender, Japan Today, Savvy Tokyo, My Lohas, Metropolis Magazine, and international outlets like Hypebae. MUKOOMIは、『Tokyo Weekender』『Japan Today』『Savvy Tokyo』『MYLOHAS』『Metropolis Magazine』『HYPEBAE』など、業界を代表する多数のメディアで特集が組まれました。

High level production in photography and film


Creative direction: Yoichiro Tamada
Producer: Yoichiro Tamada
Art direction: David Robert
Strategy: Yoichiro Tamada
Design: David Robert
Illustration: David Robert
Copywriting: Lucy Dayman
Photography: Alex Abian
Video direction: Patryckyuto Satohshimizu
Social media management: Yoichiro Tamada



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