SCSK SCSK Sonic logo design


Sound logo design


In collaboration with Tokyo-based musician and sound designer Marty Hicks, Y+L Projects produced and developed a unique sound logo for software and systems company SCSK (listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange).

Marty Hicks crafted an impactful sonic logo that best represents the company’s vision and ambitions and helps cement the SCSK name in the minds of its users.

The logo was used and shared across TV commercials aired during the 2020 Paralympics and will continue to represent the SCSK brand in the future.
ソフトウェア、システムの開発・販売を行う、SCSK株式会社(東証一部上場)のアイデンティティとなるソニックロゴの制作を行いました。本プロジェクトは、サウンドデザイナーの Marty Hicks と共に制作。


Sonic logo design

By referencing iconic audio motifs of the past and melding them with the sounds of the world’s most forward-thinking tech companies, we created a modern logo representative of SCSK’s business philosophies and future ambitions. 過去を紐解いて、未来を描く。 歴史的でアイコニックなIT企業のオーディオを分析し、世界で最も先進的なテクノロジー企業のサウンド分析からのデータと融合することにより、SCSKのビジネス哲学と将来の目的を表すモダンなロゴを制作しました。


Partnership: DA VISION inc (Production company)

Motion logo
Creative director: Yoshiro Hamada (DA VISION)
Director: Hajime Yoneda (DA VISION)
Producer: Angella Tachibana (DA VISION) , Sayoko Kawai (DA VISION)
CG Artist: Anita Mowsczan

Sound design
Producer: Yoichiro Tamada (Y+L Projects)
Sound designer: Marty Hicks



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