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In the Summer of 2020, Japan’s leading real estate company, Mitsui Fudosan, in collaboration with leading Tokyo-based concept design agency GRIFFON. opened its Kyoto lifestyle hotel sequence Gojo. The hotel was designed to embrace modern lifestyle hotels’ contemporary trends and pay homage to Kyoto’s traditional heritage.

Y+L Projects, in collaboration with French digital artist Floz, produced a series of three unique digitally animated artworks. Each artwork was carefully crafted to embrace and harmonise with the hotel’s surroundings but still stand out and offer guests a brief opportunity to zone out and get lost in the animation’s flow.
国内大手デベロッパーの三井不動産がコンセプトデザインファームのGRIFFONと協力し、2020年夏、京都に開業した 「sequence KYOTO GOJO」。


Y+L Projectsはフランス人メディアアーティストのFlozと共に、
3つのユニークなデジタルアートワークを制作。 シークエンスの哲学と京都の街が調和する作品たちは、スパ、エントランス、客室、フロアごとに異なる趣が楽しめます。

Hypnotic koi and golden temples

The spa floor piece utilised koi fish silhouettes and colours, setting off a sense of oceanic rhythm and tranquility, with its schools of fish and flitters of shadow and light giving the viewer a sense of being underwater, swept up in a school of Japanese koi. In the lobby, the hotel’s most highly trafficked area was the Kinkakuji/ Bamboo Forest animation. Floz transformed his original still photographs of Kyoto’s deserted iconic landmarks into oil painting-like scenes that melt and flow into liquid transitions between the locations. The final piece, which features the hotel’s room floors, showcased the iconic Japanese ‘Seigaiha’ wave motif, a motif that has been embraced across many forms of Japanese art. The piece melds bold pop art elements with impressionist, almost landscape styles in a hypnotic fashion. 静寂なスパエリアでは鯉の群れと、揺らぐ光と影を表現し、 人が行き交うエントランスでは金閣寺・竹林のアニメーション。 京都の閑散とした様子を撮影したスチール写真を、油彩のように変化させ、溶けて流れゆく様を表現しています。客室では、日本を象徴する文様「青海波」を表現しました。 未来永劫続く幸せと、人々の平安な暮らしへの願いが込められ、縁起の良い伝統的な文様をポップアートの要素と融合しています。


Creative direction: Lucy Dayman + Yoichiro Tamada
Digital communication: Lucy Dayman + Yoichiro Tamada
Digital design: Floz
Photography: Satoshi Toda (freelance)



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